Milburn Light Electric, c.1910-1915. 81/2"x10". Artist unknown. Niagara Silk Underwear ad on reverse side. Condition: A paper. nm $20.00
Oakland, c.1913. Oakland Motor Car Company, Pontiac, Michigan. This illustration has everything including a  golfer and tennis players.81/2"x121/2" Coles Phillips Community Silver ad on reverse side. Condition: A paper.  nm $18.00
. Pennfield, c.1910. Printed in Collier's. A super, early illustration for the Pierce Arrow . Nice color.Size: 10"x15". The other side has an ad for the Palmer Singer auto and Model 66 with racing body. Click on the image for a larger pic showing both sides. Condition: A paper. nm SOLD
Toster, c1910 Oldsmobile ad printed in Collier's. Fantastic. Image size is 9"x12". Page size: 111/2"x15". Condition: A paper.
Stevens-Duryea, c.1912 Life mag. ad. 9"x11", White boarder all around (not shown in pic). Condition: A paper. Other side is mag. cover with Coles Phillips artwork. nm $30.00
Franklin Booth, Studebaker ad, c.1913, printed in The Graphic Arts catalog.Image size: 6-1/4"x9-1/4", page size: 9"x12". Condition: A paper. 
Printed on glossy stock.
Pennfield, Pierce Arrow ad, printed in the American Motorist, c1910. Other side has ad for the EMF"30" automobile.Condition A paper. 9"x12"
Haynes Automobile, c.1910, printed by Catalog Service Corp. on thin card stock. Nice color, condition A paper. 7-1/2"x11-1/4" image size. Other side has ad for Niagara Silk Underwear.