La Decoration

L'Art Decoratif a L'exposition des Beaux-Arts, 1900
12 3/4" x 10" overall size, Plate #60
Bronzes by LeVasseur
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 12 3/4" x 10" overall size, Plate #44
Bronzes & etc. by Louis Convers
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 12 3/4" x 10" overall size, Plate #55
Bronze, etc. by Arnoux & Cornu
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 12 3/4" x 10" overall size, Plate #45
Decorative Panels by Louis Bottee
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The plates shown are from La Decoration: Acient & Modern, published in Paris c.1899. The plates are generally in Very Fine to Near Mint condition, printed on heavy portfolio stock. All plates show art nouveau designs for decorative panels, small bronze statues, large marble statues, etc. Great research and reference items for the serious collector and wonderful decorative plates for framing. $12.00 each. Take two or more at $10.00 each, or write to us and we will give you a deal you can't refuse on all of them together. Other plates available are:
Plate 59: showing two compositions, one by L. V. Lambert, and one by Jeanne Bogureau
Plate 36: Bonze group by Antonin Larroux
Plate 70: Small bronzes by Max Blondat and Moreau-Vauthier
Plate 50: Bronzes by Mars-Valett
Plate 39: Jardineer scene - three pieces by G. Loiseau-Bailly
Plate 68: Four Bronzes by Alix Marquet
Plate 87: Shows two large architecural sculptures by G. Recipon and Marcel Debut
Plate 63: Two bronzes by M. Georges Busson
Plate 56: Four more nude bronzes by Maurice Bouval and ?
Plate 46: Bronze nude, marble bust, bracelette, more by M. H. Nocq
Plate 20: Six sculptures, nudes, by Lachenal
Plate 27: More sculpture by Lachenal
Plates 99, 100: from L'Art Decoratif, Bronzes by Jean Hugues and G. Obiols, 11"x14" overall page size.
Plates 51,52: from L'Art Decoratif, Sculpture by Delagrange and Nouveau decorative stuff by Delperier
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