European Scenes

These wonderful lithographs were printed in Madrid, Spain and Paris, France, c.1890's. Very strong, sharp coloring. The images are in excellent condition. These were probably printed for the tourist trade in the 1890's. The image size of 13"x8", with wide margins. The edges of some of the sheets have seen some wear with minor discolorations. Each has been matted and is ready for framing.  Don't miss out on these at only $45.00 each. Please note, that the colors are brighter and more vivid than they appear in these .jpg files and the verticle line in the images is from scanning them in two pieces and does not appear on the lithos. If you are more interested in hand-painted oil paintings, check out scenery paintings for sale at Outpost Art.
Nouvelle Castille, Madrid. A wonderful street scene with lots of people and horse drawn carriages. You could look at this all day and not see everything in it. 
Andalousie, Cadiz. The Observatory, a castle tower, a public well center bottom, and people everywhere. The colors are outstanding. 
Nouvelle Castille, Madrid. Another wonderful image of this town. It will make you feel like you could walk right into the picture, and you'll want to. 
Nouvelle Castille, Madrid. A bit of shadow in the foreground indicates that this is the end of the day. A farmer taking his cows home, and people talking in the road, with a view of the town and some surrounding hills in the background.
Catalogne, Barcelona. Magnificent. What more can be said.
Andalousie, Valez-Malaga, Look at the castle on the hill in the background, people entering the town, the light and shadows.
Catalogne, Barcelona, What an experience it must have been to visit these places. It's not surprising that colored lithos like these were so popular in the late 19th century. This one has kids playing in the street and birds in the clouds.